An Interview with Nicholas Bayfield – UK Brighton Film School Student and his plan for the documentary, September Sky

Plucking Of My Heartstrings

Nicholas Nicholas Bayfield Dear Readers,

As many of you know I have a blog, Birthday Twin Central, where I match people who share the exact birthday (month, day, and year).

A few weeks ago I received an email from a Brighton Film School Student about his idea of making a documentary based on the similar characteristics of those born on the same day or same month. The concept of how our birthday might affect our lives more than we know intrigues me.

Since I believe this topic to be an interesting and important one I have interviewed him….

Please tell the readers about yourself

My name is Nicholas Bayfield and I’m a student at Brighton Film School (United Kingdom) who is in my third year, studying for a Degree. Since studying there, I’ve undertaken roles such as Sound Recordist and Location Manager, of which I enjoyed the latter the most.

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Did you know that there are over 7 billion people in the world? Which means there are many people out there that were born on the exact same day as YOU! I refer to those people as birthday twins.

Since 1997, I have searched the web looking for those who share my exact birthday. I have found many and it has been fun!

I decided to create Birthday Twin Central so that those looking for their own birthday twin(s) would have a place that would hopefully connect them.

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Here are some comments from those waiting for their birthday twin:

“Whoever you are birthday twin, I’d like to be your friend.” -Nicole

“Have yet to ever meet a single birthday twin. Maybe I’ll be able to here.” -Basil

“Looking for my birthday twin, where are you?” -Sarah

“This is so interesting and I would love to know who my birthday twin is.” -Parul

“Just looking for my birthday twin. Hope you’re out there somewhere.” -Scott

“Can’t wait to find my birthday twin.” -Shreeya

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