Born On This Day ~ January 8 ~ Arthur Ford

Arthur Ford

Born: January 8, 1897 (Titusville, Florida)
Died: January 4, 1971 (Miami, Florida)

Famous For/Known For:
American Psychic

A Little About Arthur Ford:
As a young boy born into a Southern Baptist family, Ford was very interested in the doctrines of the church, especially articles of faith that pertained to life and death.

In 1917, after being excommunicated from the Baptist Church, Ford enrolled at Transylvania College to become a minister.

In 1918, Ford decided to leave his education behind and joined the army to serve in WWI.

While enlisted in the army, Ford began to have visions and hear the names of those who would end up dying.

In 1922, after being discharged from the army, Ford became an ordained minister of the Disciples of Christ Church in Barbourville, Kentucky.

Two years later, after being contacted by his Spirit Guide, Fletcher, Ford decided to leave the ministry and become a psychic.

Ford established the First Spiritual Church of New York at the end of the 1920’s. He went on to form many other churches and spiritual organizations.

In 1928, Ford became famous after breaking a secret code between the deceased Houdini and his wife, Beatrice. Houdini told his wife after he died he would communicate to her through this secret code that only the two of them knew.  Ford was offered this information through his Spirit Guide, Fletcher.

Ford’s psychic ability brought with it an enormous following which included many well known people such as William McDougall and William G. Roll Jr., both researchers of the Psychical Research Foundation.

Ford died at the age of 73.

Books About/Written By Arthur Ford

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