Born On This Day ~ February 24 ~ Wilhelm Grimm


Born: February 24, 1786 (Hanau, Germany)
Died: December 16, 1859 (Berlin, Germany)

Famous For/Known For:
Co-wrote and published with his brother, Jakob, Grimms’ Fairy Tales



Little About Wilhelm Grimm:

Grimm was born to parents, Dorothea and Philipp. His father was a lawyer.

Wilhelm along
with his brother Jacob were known as the fairy tale writers, the Grimms’ Brothers.

From 1802-1806 both brothers went to the University of Marburg, where they studied law.

Wilhelm, due to health issues, did not start working until 1814, when he became a secretary at the Royal Library in Kassel, Germany.

The brothers who became interested in folklore, started taking notes at village storytelling events and jotting down tales told to them from friends, family, and acquaintances.

In 1812, their first book was published, Children’s and Household Tales. It was later renamed Grimms’ Fairy Tales and included world wide classics such as Little Red Riding HoodSnow White, and Rumpelstiltskin.

During the mid 1840’s Wilhelm married Dortchen Wild. His brother Jacob never married.

Wilhelm and Jacob decided to take on the challenge of writing a comprehensive dictionary of the German language. Before the letter D was completed Wilhelm died. Jacob’s demise was four years later while he was working on the letter F. The dictionary was finished many years later by other researchers.

Of the two brothers it seems that Wilhem was the more easy going.

Wilhelm Grimm died from an infection at the age of 73.

Books About/Written By Wilhelm Carl Grimm:

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