Born On This Day ~ March 14 ~ Lucy Hobbs Taylor


Born: March 14, 1833 (Constable, New York)
Died: October 3, 1910 (Lawrence, Kansas)

Famous For/Known For:
First female to graduate dental school

A Little About Lucy Hobbs Taylor:
Born Lucy Beaman Hobbs

In 1859, Lucy moved to Cincinnati, Ohio in the hopes of changing her occupation from teacher to doctor.

Once there she tried to enroll at the Eclectic College of Medicine but was denied admission because she was female.

One of the school’s professor’s decided to teach her privately and suggested that she become a dentist.

Kay privately studied under the dean of the Ohio College of Dental Surgery. Lucy apprenticed herself a practicing graduate of the school.

In 1861 after being denied admission to a dental college, she started her own practice in Cincinnati. She then went on to practice in Iowa.

In 1865 Kay attended the American Dental Association Convention as a delegate.

In 1866 after finally being allowed to attend, Kay graduated from the Ohio College of Dental Surgery. This made her the first female to become a dentist.

After marrying James Myrtle Taylor, Kay taught him dentistry. The two went on to establish a successful dental practice.

In 1886 after the death of her husband Kay retired and spent her remaining years involved in social charities and issues, specifically women’s rights.

Lucy Hobbs Taylor died due to a stroke at the age of 77.

Books About/Written By Lucy Hobbs Taylor:



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