Born On This Day ~ April 1 ~ Agnes Repplier


Born: April 1, 1855 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Died: December 15, 1950 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Famous For/Known For:

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Agnes Repplier:
Born to parents John George and Agnes(Mathias) Repplier.

Agnes, who taught herself to read at the age of 10, enjoyed books greatly.

After two years at the Convent of the Sacred Heart Agnes was asked not to return. It’s unsure why. She then attended Agnes Irwin’s West Penn Square Seminary for Young Ladies. She was removed from the school after 3 terms for insubordination.

At the age of 20 Agnes started to write and publish her works.  It was her essay, Children, Past and Present, which was circulated in the Atlantic Monthly that started her literary success.

In 1886 Agnes was a founding member of the Cosmopolitan Club in Philadelphia and also a member of the Acorn Club.

In 1936 Agnes was asked by the Philadelphia Inquirer to write about the death of the Pope.

Agnes received academic degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, Yale, Princeton, and Columbia.

Agnes wrote many books over the years such as Books and Men, Points of View, In Pursuit of Laughter, and Eight Decades.

Her memoir, Agnes Repplier: A Memoir, was written by her niece, Emma Repplier Witmer.

Agnes Repplier died at the age of 95.

Books About/Written By Agnes Repplier

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