Born On This Day ~ April 3 ~ John Abernethy


Born April 3, 1764 (City of London, United Kingdom)
Died: April 20, 1831 (London Borough of Enfield)

Famous For/Known For:
English surgeon

A Little About John Abernethy:

Born the son of a merchant.

At the age of 15 Abernethy was a medical apprentice to Sir Charles Blicke, a surgeon with an extensive practice,  who was affiliated with Saint Bartholomew’s Hospital.

Abernethy often attended lectures in anatomy at the London Hospital. This led to his becoming an assistant to two doctors at this facility.

In 1787 Abernethy became London Hospital’s assistant surgeon. He also taught anatomy, physiology, pathology and surgery while employed there.

Abernethy’s lectures always drew large audiences so an auditorium was built at the Saint Bartholomew’s Hospital for him. He then became the founder of Saint Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical School.

Abernethy was a very skilled surgeon and the first to successfully tie the external iliac artery for aneurysm.

In 1809 Abernethy published, Surgical Observations on the Constitutional Origin and Treatment of Local Disease.  He often referred to this as, “My Book.”

From 1813 – 1828 he worked as a surgeon at Christ’s Hospital.

Abernethy believed that most diseases were caused by digestion disorders.  He invented a biscuit, the Abernethy biscuit, which is suppose to help with digestion.

John Abernethy died after a lengthy illness at the age of 67.

Books About/Written By John Abernethy

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