Born On This Day ~ January 9 ~ Jennie Jerome Churchill ~ Wife of Lord Randolph Churchill and mother to Sir Winston Churchill

Born: January 9, 1854 (Brooklyn, New York)
Died: June 29, 1921 (London, England)

Famous For/Known For:
Wife of Lord Randolph Churchill and mother to Sir Winston Churchill

A Little About Jennie Jerome Churchill:
Born Jeanette Jerome to wealthy parents, Leonard and Clarissa.

In 1867, Clarissa Jerome took her children and moved to Paris after her husband was implicated in a scandal.

At the age of 19, Jennie Jerome was introduced to Lord Randolph Churchill by the Prince of Wales. They were engaged within three days and married a few months later. She would now be known as Lady Randolph Churchill.

This marriage produced two sons, Winston(1874) and John (1880). Winston became Prime Minister to the United Kingdom in 1940-1945 and then again in 1951-1955.

Lady Churchill was a significant supporter and took an active role in both her husband and son’s political career.

Amid the South African War, Lady Churchill constructed a hospital ship, the Maine, that accomplished important work in South Africa.

Lady Churchill assisted in forming the Primrose League, an organization that discussed Conservative issues.

In 1908, she published The Reminiscences of Lady Randolph Churchill.

In 1921, Lady Churchill, while wearing high heeled shoes, slipped and broke her left ankle. When gangrene set in she had to have her leg amputated.

Jennie Jerome Churchill died due to a hemorrhage of an artery in her thigh at the age of 67.

Books About/Written By Jennie Jerome Churchill

Jennie: The Life of Lady Randolph Churchill

Lady Randolph Churchill: The Story of Jennie Jerome

American Jennie: The Remarkable Life of Lady Randolph Churchill

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