Born On This Day ~ January 16 ~ Robert W Service ~ British-Canadian Poet/Writer

Born: January 16, 1874 (City of Preston Lancashire)
Died: September 11, 1958 (Lancieux, France)

Famous For/Known For:
British-Canadian poet/writer

A Little About Robert W Service:

Born to a Scottish bank clerk and daughter of an English factory worker but raised by his aunts.

In 1896 he left the banking business to pursue ranching.  Eighteen months later he was heading to California.

Service wandered the Pacific coast for six years. In 1903 he found himself in Vancouver, Canada working for the Canadian Bank of Commerce. It was here that Service felt at home.

In 1907 Service published a book of poetry titled, Songs of a Sourdough. Two years later he published Ballads of a Cheechako.

Service decided to give up his bank job in order to give full attention to a novel he hoped to write about the Gold Rush. After obtaining the information he would need for this subject he moved to New York City. The book was published under the title, The Trail.

During WWI Service volunteered with the Red Cross in the ambulance corps. He also became a war correspondent.

After his volunteer work he went back to his passion of writing. He published several novels and poems which included, Ballads of a Bohemian.

In 1915 he published The Shooting of Dan McGrew, an idea that came about from Service being shot at by a startled bank guard.

Service fled to Hollywood to escape WWII.

Robert W Service died from a heart attack at the age of 84.

Books About/Written By Robert W Service:

The Collected Verse Of Robert Service

The Very Best of Robert Service

Robert W Service: Best Tales of the Yukon

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