Born On This Day ~ January 20 ~ Harriot Stanton Blatch ~ Women’s Rights Activist

Born: January 20, 1856 (Seneca Falls, New York)
Died: November 20, 1940 (Greenwich, Connecticut)

Famous For/Known For:
Daughter of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, a well known women’s rights activist. Harriot followed in her mother’s footsteps.

A Little About Harriot Stanton Blatch:
Born to Henry B Stanton, an abolitionist, politician and journalist and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, a famous suffragette.

Harriot attended private schools  and was able to obtain a good education.

In 1881 the second volume of History of Woman Suffrage was published, a book about the struggle women faced to earn the right to vote. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B Anthony worked on this book in which Harriot contributed a 100 page chapter.

In 1882 Harriot married William Henry Blanch and the two lived in England for about 20 years. While in England she continued her fight for woman’s suffrage and was involved in many social movements such as the Fabian Society.

In 1884 Harriot received a master’s degree in mathematics from Vessar College.

In 1902 Harriot returned to the United States and became wrapped up in the Women’s Trade Union League and National American Woman Suffrage Association. 

In 1907 she established the Equality League of Self-Supporting Women. A few years later the name was changed to the Women’s Political Union and six years later it merged with the Congressional Union that was run by Alice Paul.

Harriot wrote a few books which include Mobilizing Woman’s Power in 1918 and A Woman’s Point of View: Some Roads To Peace in 1920.

In 1927 after injuring her hop Harriot lived in a nursing home.

In 1940 Harriot’s biography was published with help from Alma Lutz.

Harriot Stantan Blanch died at the age of 84.

Books About/Written By Harriot Stanton Blatch:

Harriot Stanton Blatch and the Winning of Woman Suffrage

Mobilizing Women – Power

A Woman’s Point of View: Some Roads to Peace

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