Born On This Day ~ January 31 ~ Franz Schubert ~ Austrian Composer

Born: January 31, 1797 (Himmelpfortgrund, Austria)
Died: November 19, 1828 (Vienna, Austria)

Famous For/Known For:
Austrian Composer

A Little About Franz Schubert:
Born to Franz Theodor Schubert, a schoolmaster, and Elizabeth (Vietz) Schubert.

At a young age, Schubert showed musical talent. He was an outstanding singer and could play the piano, violin and organ.

Schubert attended the Stadtkonvikt, a monastery school where he earned a scholarship in 1808 to sing with the chapel choir.  Unfortunately, two years later his voice changed which forced him to leave the school.

In 1814 at the urging of his family, Schubert enrolled in college to become a schoolmaster. He taught for four years and composed music in his spare time.

In 1818 after the first performance of one of his works, the Italian Overture in C Major, Schubert decided to give up teaching to pursue music full time.

In 1820 Schubert’s operetta Die Zurllingsbrüder (The Twin Brothers) was performed. It was mildly successful.

Schubert’s songs and dances became popular around 1821. Many wealthy families began having concert parties in their homes which were known as Schubertiaden.

In 1828 Schubert with his health declining continued to work, creating great music such as Fantasy in F Minor and The Great Symphony.  Musical historians believe that his work, String Quintet in C Major was the end of the classical music era.

With the success of his first public concert, which turned out to also be his last, on March 26, 1828 Schubert was able to purchase a piano.

Franz Schubert died of possible syphilis at the age of 31.

Books About/Written By Franz Schubert:

Franz Schubert: A Biography

The Life of Schubert

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