Born On This Day ~ February 15 ~ H.M. Bateman ~ British Cartoonist

Born: February 15, 1887 (Sutton Forest Australia)
Died: February 11, 1970 (Gozo Malta)

Famous For/Known For:
British cartoonist

A Little About H.M.Bateman:
Born Henry Mayo Bateman to Henry Charles Bateman who owned an export and packing business.

Bateman’s drawing abilities began at a young age. He attended Westminster School of Art followed by Goldsmith’s Institue.

In 1906, he began drawing for publication and his work appeared in several magazines such as Punch, a British weekly magazine. He was an accomplished artist who’s art work often expressed the humorous side of daily life.

Bateman enlisted in the London Regiment during WWI however after being diagnosed with rheumatic fever he was discharged in 1915.

Bateman made a series of posters for the Ministry of Health. One such poster,Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases, became widely distributed.

He also created advertisements for companies such as Lucky Strike, Guinness and Shell.

Bateman’s Man Who cartoon series was one of his most popular.  Examples are The Man Who Lit His Cigar Before the Royal Toast and The Man Who Threw A Snowball at St. Moritz.. These animations about social blunders with exaggerated reactions were very entertaining.

Bateman published many books such as A Book of Drawings in 1921, More Drawings in 1922 and The Art of Caricature in 1936.

While in his 40’s Bateman completely gave up publishing cartoon drawings and headed to Gozo, an island in the Mediterranean Sea, to be alone and work on becoming a serious painter.

H.M. Bateman died at the age of 84.

Books About/Written By H.M. Bateman:

H.M. Bateman (Prion Cartoon Classics)

The Best of H.M. Bateman: The Cartoon Tatler Cartoons, 1922-26

The man who drew the 20th century: The Drawings of H.M. Bateman


H. M. Bateman: Cartoonist Extraordinaire and Fisherman for Life


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