Born On This Day ~ February 19 ~ Aurora Quezon ~ Wife Of Philippine President Manuel L Quezon

Born: February 19, 1888 (Baler Philippines)
Died: April 28, 1949 (Bongabon Neuva Ecija)

Famous For/Known For:
Wife of Philippine President Manuel L. Quezon.

A Little About Aurora Quezon:
Born to parents Pedro and Zenelda (Molina) Aragon. Believing her father was  a member of the revolutionary society, the Katipunan, he was imprisoned for a while.

In 1911 Aurora attended the Philippine Normal College but health issues caused her to be unable to continue so she ended her studies.

In 1918 she married Manuel Luis Quezon, who was her first cousin. His political career consisted of Governor from 1905-1907;  Majority Leader of the First Philippine Assembly from 1907-1909; Resident Commissioner in the US House of Representatives from 1909-1916; President of the Philippine Senate from 1916-1935 and President of the Philippines from 1935-1944.

Quezon mainly stayed clear of political issues and focused on involving herself in organizations such as The Federation of Women’s Clubthe Girl Scouts of the Philippines and also with The Associacion de Damas Filipinas and The White Cross, which were orphanages.

She played an active role in campaigning to allow Filipino women the right to vote.

In 1942, Quezon and her family arrived in the United States to escape the Japanese.

In 1944, after her husband died from tuberculosis, she returned to the Philippines.

In 1947, she was the first chairperson of the Philippine National Red Cross and remained there until her death. That same year she also became vice president of the Philippine Tuberculosis Society.

Both a boulevard and a province were named in her honor. Also, the human rights group, The Concerned Women of the Philippines name their award after her, The Aurora Aragon Quezon Peace Award. 

Aurora Quezon died in an ambush by the Hukbalahap at the age of 41.



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