Born On This Day ~ February 22 ~ Robert Baden-Powell ~ Founder Of The Boy and Girl Scouts

Born:February 22, 1857 (Paddington, London, United Kingdom)
Died:January 8, 1941 (Nyeri, Kenya)

Famous For/Known For:
Founder of the Boy and Girl Scouts

A Little About Robert Baden-Powell:
Born to parents Professor H.G. Baden and Henrietta (Smyth) Powell. His father was a professor of natural sciences and died when Baden-Powell was three years old.

Baden-Powell did not do well in school. Since he was denied admittance to Balliol College in Oxford he decided to try for the army. Of the 700 people who took the examination, he finished second for cavalry and forth for infantry.

In 1876 Baden-Powell joined the army becoming a sub Lieutenant in the thirteenth Hussars and a few months later joined his regiment in Bombay, India. He was proficient in his military duties and by the time he was 26 he was a captain.

In 1895 Baden-Powell was sent to take care of a situation in which the king of the Ashanti was breaking British treaties. Without any fighting Baden-Powell successfully completed the mission and was promoted to brevet-lieutenant-colonel.

In 1908 Baden-Powell decided to publish his vision for scouting. What started out as a short paper in 1906 turned into a 6 part series titled, Scouting for Boys.

In 1907 Baden-Powell decided to act on his idea of scouting. He rounded up 22 boys between the ages of 10-17 and took them to Brownsea Island off the coast of Dorset.  There the group participated in camping, cooking, tracking, singing and storytelling for a week.

In 1910 he resigned from the Army to further his scouting movement idea. He became chairperson of the Executing Committee.

Since it appeared that girls had an interest in scouting as well, with over 8,000 registered, Baden-Powell talked his sister Agnes into organizing a movement for girls, in which he called the Girl Scouts. Together Baden-Powell and his sister wrote, The Handbook for Girl Guides.  

Throughout his life Baden-Powell wrote several books such as, Reconnaissance and Scouting, Paddle Your Own CanoeAids to Scouting and Birds and Beasts in Africa.

Robert Baden-Powell died at the age of 83.

Books About/Written By Robert Baden-Powell:

Baden-Powell: Chief Scout of the World

Sir Robert Baden Powell: Taking a Scout at His Words

Scoutmastership, a Handbook for Scout Masters on the Theory of Scout Training

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