Born On This Day ~ March 1 ~ Frederic Chopin ~ Polish Composer and Pianist

Born: March 1, 1810 (Zelazowa Wola, Poland)
Died: October 17, 1849 (Paris, France)

Famous For/Known For:
Polish composer and pianist

A Little About Frederic Chopin:
Born Fryderyk Franciszek Szopen to Nicholas, a bookkeeper, and Justyna (Krzyzanowska) Szopen.

Chopin’s musical ability began when he was young. At the age of 6 he could play the piano and compose tunes. His parents noticed his musical ability and sought out music lessons from a professional, Wojciech Zywny.

In 1826, after performing in fancy salons along with writing his own compositions for years, Chopin attended the Warsaw Conservation of Music.

In 1829 Chopin decided he wanted to expand his musical experience and went to Vienna. That same year he performed his debut which captured the audience. Chopin took his performances to Poland, Germany, Austria and Paris.

In 1832 he decided to settle down in Paris. Here he became friends with other composers such as Franz Liszt, Vincenzo Bellini, and Felix Mendelssohn. He also obtained employment as a recitalist and teacher and composed pieces such as Nocturnes of Opp.9 and 15th.

In 1838 Chopin began a love affair with Amantine Lucile Aurore, a French novelist who went by the pen name of George Sand. A year later he was diagnosed with tuberculosis and soon after the two went to live in Sand’s Nohant country home.

In 1846 Sand’s novel, Lucrezra Floriani, in which  she wrote about Chopin in an unflattering way caused a rift in the couples relationship. Two years later their affair ended.

Chopin’s musical masterpieces included the Sonata in B Minor, the Opus 55 Nocturnes and the Opus 56 Mazurkas.

His last public appearance was on November 16, 1848 after which he returned to Paris where he died. His body was buried at Pere Lachaise cemetery. His heart, however, was buried at a church in the town in which he was born.

Fredrick Chopin died from tuberculosis at the age of 39.

Books About/Written By Frederic Chopin:

Chopin: Pianist and Teacher: As Seen By His Students

Fryderyk Chopin : A Life and Times

Chopin: Prince of the Romantics

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