Born On This Day ~ March 13 ~ Daniel Lambert ~ Britain’s Fattest Man

Born: March 13, 1770 (Blue Boar Lane, Leicester)
June 21, 1809 (Stamford, England)

Famous For/Known For:
Britain’s fattest man

A Little About Daniel Lambert:
Lambert was born a healthy weight, but as he grew older he became obese despite the fact that he didn’t overeat or drink alcohol.

At the age of 18 Lambert took over his father’s job which was the jailer of a house of correction. He was a kind and compassionate prison guard who was well liked.

By the time he was 23 Lambert had reached a weight that was 448 pounds.  Due to his size he became unemployable.

Although he didn’t enjoy it, Lambert decided to exhibit himself as an enormous man in order to generate money to support himself.

Lambert became somewhat of a celebrity. His obese frame fascinated people. He was, for the most part, treated with respect and civility. Putting himself on display earned him an ample amount of money.

In 1809, while touring the country he stopped to stay at the Wagon and Horses in Sanford. While there he died suddenly.

Because Lambert weighed 728 pounds when he died, the Wagon and Horse had to have a wall and window demolished in order to remove his body.

A custom made coffin had to be built for Lambert. It was six feet 4 inches long and four feet four inches wide.

Lambert’s grave was left unmarked until the townspeople of Leicester heard of his passing. Friends of his paid for a headstone and had written on that marker, In remembrance of that prodigy in nature Daniel Lambert.

Daniel Lambert died suddenly at the age of 39.



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