Born On This Day ~ March 24 ~ Fanny Crosby ~ American Poet And Writer Of Hymns

Born:March 24, 1820 (Brewster, New York)
Died:February 12, 1915 (Bridgeport, Connecticut)

Famous For/Known For:
American poet and writer of hymns

A Little About Fanny Crosby:
Born Frances Jane Crosby.

At the age of six weeks an eye infection and a doctors negligence left Crosby completely blind.

From 1835-1843, Crosby was a student at the New York Institution For The Blind in New York City.

Crosby began writing poetry and had her work published in various newspapers.

In 1841, the New York Herald printed a poetic eulogy about President William Harrison which was written by Crosby.

In 1851, with the help of music instructor, George F. Root, Crosby began to write verses for the intent of music. She then wrote lots of song lyrics of which many became popular such as There’s Music In The Air and Rosalie, The Prairie Flower.

Around 1864, Cosby began writing hymns. There is no way to know an exact count of how many, as she used many different pen names. But the count ranges between 5,500-9,000 hymns.

Crosby wrote three volumes of poetry throughout her life, The Blind Girl and Other Poems (1844), Monterrey and Other Poems (1851), and Bells at Evening and Other Verses (1897).

She also published two autobiographies, Fanny Crosby’s Life Story (1903) and Memories of Eighty Years (1906)

Fanny Crosby died at the age of 94.

Books About/Written By Fanny Crosby:

Fanny J. Crosby: An Autobiography

Fanny Crosby: The Blind Girl’s Song

Fanny Crosby: Queen Of Gospel Songs

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