Are You A New Year Baby?

birthdaytwincentral.comI think having the first baby of the New Year would be quite exciting!  It seems to cause as much anticipation as watching the ball drop in Times Square.  Hospital personnel around the world wait anxiously to hear the cry of that first bundle of joy.

No other baby born gets as much attention as the first little one to make his/her entrance into the world on January 1st.

There is much hoopla surrounding the birth of the first baby born of the New Year.  Many newspapers run an article (with picture) announcing the birth and information about this new celebrity.  Hospitals and local retailers often give prizes and gifts.

I was never even close to delivering a New Year baby.  My children were born in May, July, and September.  But my daughter was fairly close with her fourth child who was born on December 30th.

Are you a New Year baby?  Did you deliver one?  What was your experience like?




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