Born On This Day ~ March 9 ~ Eddie Foy, Sr ~ American Actor, Vaudevillian

Born: March 9, 1856 (New York City, New York)
Died: February 16, 1928 (Kansas City, Missouri)

Famous For/Known For:
American actor, vaudevillian

A Little About Eddie Foy, Sr:
Born Edward Fitzgerald to Richard and Mary Fitzgerald.

At the age of eight,Foy was performing acrobatic dances on the street for money.

He changed his name from Fitzgerald to Foy when he was fifteen years old and hit the road with his partner, Jack Finnigan, where the two danced for meals in bars.

Later Foy found himself with another partner, Jim Thompson and together they traveled with a saloon theater circuit throughout the West.

In 1879 he married a singer, Rose Howland. They joined the Carncross Minstrels in Philadelphia. Three years later, Rose and her newborn died in childbirth.

In 1903 a fire broke out at the Iroquois Theater where Foy was performing. He tried to calm the crowd but to no avail. Six hundred people perished in that fire. Foy escaped through a sewer.

Years later Foy married a dancer, Madeline Morando. They had eleven children, although only seven survived. These children became a part of their father’s act and were known as The Seven Little Foys.

In 1955 Foy and his family acted in the film, The Seven Little Foys.

His son’s Brian and Eddie Foy continued with a career in the movies.

Eddie Foy, Sr died from a heart attack while performing at the age of 72.



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