Born On This Day ~ March 10 ~ Kate Sheppard ~ Famous Suffragette (New Zealand)

Born: March 10, 1847 (Liverpool, United Kingdom)
Died: July 13, 1934 (Christchurch, New Zealand)

Famous For/Known For:
Famous suffragette (New Zealand)

A Little About Kate Sheppard:
Born Catherine Wilson Malcolm to Scottish parents.

In the late 1860’s Kate and her family moved to New Zealand, where she met and married Walter Allen Sheppard.

In 1885, she co-founded the New Zealand Women’s Christian Temperance movement and later became leader of its suffrage campaign.

For years she diligently fought for and supported a number of women’s rights issues, one being the abolishment of corsets.

In 1892, Kate petitioned Parliament for women to have the right to vote. The petition consisted of over 20,000 supporters but was denied.

A year later, another petition showed 30,000 signatures. The governor signed the bill, making New Zealand the first country to grant women the right to vote.

In 1896, Kate co-founded the National Council of Women with Susan B. Anthony and became it’s first president.

In 1903, due to poor health, Kate resigned from the presidency of the National Council of Women.

You can find Sheppard’s picture on New Zealand’s $10.00 note.

Kate Sheppard died at the age of 87.

Books About/Written By Kate Sheppard:

Kate Sheppard, a Biography

Kate Sheppard: Leading the Way for Women

Kate Sheppard A Biography

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