Born On This Day ~ February 17 ~ René Laënnec


Born: February 17, 1781 (Quimper, France)
Died: August 13, 1826 (Ploare)

Famous For/Known For:
Physician and inventor of the stethoscope.

A Little About René Laënnec:
Born to parents Theophile Marie, s civil servent, and Michelle Felicite (Guesdon) Laënnec.

After the death of his mother from
tuberculisis, Continue reading

Born On This Day ~ February 16 ~ Laurence “Lon” Myers


Born: February 16, 1858 (Richmond, Virginia)
February 16, 1899 (New York City, New York

Famous For/Known For:
United States professional runner

A Little About Laurence “Lon” Myers:
Born to Solomon H Myers who was a clerk.

Myers’s health as a child was poor. After a physician recommended exercising Continue reading

Born On This Day ~ February 14 ~ Frederick Douglass


Born: Celebrated February 14 (exact date and year are unknown)(Talbot County, Maryland
Died: February 20, 1895 (Washington, D.C.)

Famous For/Known For:
19th century greatest influential black leader

A Little About Frederick Douglass:
Born Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey to a slave woman in Maryland. Continue reading